History,events since the start of voICe;

November 2012: winning the Marleen Temmermanprijs of the UMC St. Radboud hospital Nijmegen.

2013: Nomination for the Anna Reynvaan award, Amsterdam NL.

May 2013: Introduction voICe at the Intensive Care department of the Radboud umc Nijmegen.

May 2013: voICe in App store.

June 2013: Presentation abstract e-poster Venticare 2013.

June 2013: Nomination Health app award 2013: Second place audience award.

August 2013: Article in Kritiek volume 31: Number 4.

August 2013: In e-zine of NFK nr 1 in top 5: Apps that help communicate.

September 2013: assignment given until update with possibility for recording and listening residence and place name: realized in October 2013

October 2013: update with possibility of the choice menu for children containing drawings of pain specially for children.

November 2013: update with possibility to reset the voice recording location.

January 2014: assignment given until update with possibility of choice menu on 3 levels: Simple, basic and complete version.

January 2014; IC gives task for research to the communication function at the IC, with help from voICe-app.

April 2014: update: at the settings are 2 simplified versions to choose: with 4 or 6 pictograms.

May 2014: voICe speaks at ‘Venticare’ in Utrecht, the Netherlands. (

May 2014: voICe presentation Radboudumc at the International Nurses Day.

September 2014: Start research at the department IC/MC Radboudumc of using voICe.

February 2015: Assignment for update: English speaking version and a keyboard adjustment. (simplified and larger ABC/QWERTY keyboards)

March 2015: voICe presentation for the IC department in the region Rotterdam, the Netherlands

May 2015: Assignment to be able to purchase the voICe app through using the VPP-program of Apple. (larger amount) Realized in September 2015.

march 2015: update: Adjusting drawing and text paper: simplified and enlarged keyboard QWERTY, ABC and numerical keyboard.

june 2016; update; English version of voICe released.